Bullard, James E.

Title: Partner
Email: dukebullard@aol.com

James Bullard

      Mr. Bullard has represented numerous insurance companies through all phases of litigation in both first- and third-party matters, arising out of personal, professional and commercial lines.  The vast majority of his cases have been in the areas of defective construction, construction injuries, products liability, landslide, subsidence and premises liability, both as a defense lawyer and as those areas relate to insurance coverage issues.  He has handled the complete range of insurance coverage matters arising out of personal, commercial, and specialty lines and has also litigated in the areas of insurance bad faith and professional malpractice.

      Mr. Bullard has drafted numerous insurance forms as well as entire policies.  He has also lectured extensively on insurance coverage and litigation.

      Mr. Bullard received his B.A. from the University of Colorado, B.A.; and his J.D. Cum Laude from the University of West Los Angeles School of Law.  He was the Lead Articles Editor, UWLA 22 Law Review, Volumes 15 and 16; Author, "Reasonable Doubt: Admissibility of Expert Testimony on Eyewitness Identification;" UWLA Law Review, Volume 15 "One Step Forward; Two Steps Back, Witherspoon vs. Superior Court and Senate Bill 266," UWLA Law Review, Volume 16; National Institute of Trial Advocacy 1987; Association of Southern California Defense Counsel; Admitted State Bar of California 1985; Admitted United States District Court 1985.